We chose to direct this film because we wanted to talk about path: through age, through countries, but most importantly through life and death.
Death is part of life, and sometimes it can be brutal, it makes us faces things we might not be ready to. Every trauma pushes us to grow up faster and this is what we wanted to show through the character of Ana. As a young girl, she’s the perfect balance between kid innocence and adults responsibilities
While watching this film, we wanted the viewer to experience another look at what death and grief might be. The Mexican culture and beliefs were the most beautiful way to shed light on that death path.
As this is a subject that everyone can empathize on, taking them far away from our European point of view on death to let them see that there is a way to honor it, and see beauty through the pain, was really the heart of this movie
Some of the challenges making this film included that we had a very specific visual look in mind for this film, and technically achieving it while keeping the artistic feel alive was an immensely complex goal to accomplish as students. We knew from day one our project needed to have an intricate balance of artistic views, opinions, and emotions. 
This film will always be special to us because it is our first directing project, and the feeling of accomplishment from making this idea to a reality, whilst maintaining the essence of our subject all along, is something we are very proud of.
But mostly creating this film has helped us change our perspective on death and lost ones, in a more beautiful way than we had before. We all have brothers and sisters, and we know how powerful the link between us can be strong. That’s why, we wanted Ana to not give up and fight for his brother. It’s an ode to our siblings. ​​​​​​​
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